Temporary Crown Post-Op Instructions

Your Vestavia Hills Family Dentist

Guidelines For Your Temporary Crown

  • Try to eat on the side without the temporary as much as possible.
  • Please avoid sticky or chewy foods.
  • When flossing, let go of one side of the floss and pull it thru. Pulling up and out could loosen and dislodge the temporary crown.
  • If your temporary crown does come off please put it back on immediately or call our office as soon as possible. You may use toothpaste, Fixodent or an over-the-counter temporary crown cement. If you cannot get it back on properly or if it continues to come off please come back to our office right away so we may put it back on for you.

IMPORTANT  – If the temporary is not on the tooth, your teeth will shift and the permanent crown may not fit. If this happens we will have to make a new impression and a new temporary. This will delay your permanent crown another two weeks

These are to be used as guidelines. If your dentist has provided instructions, follow what was instructed.

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